Key Notes for the Real Estate Panel Meeting

by Linda Pliagas, founder/publisher

From an event at the Beverly Hills Country Club, Feb. 2, 2012

Starts at 7 pm. Hosted by Sam’s Real Estate Club

The following are some notes I am taking to help me convey my tips for real estate success.

I hope you like them!

  • Humble yourself to achieve greatness.

Sometimes we have to start at the bottom or ask for help. Don’t be to proud to ask for assistance.

  • Sacrifice and Save, it’s good for you.

Don’t fall for the “instant gratification fix”. In order to start as an investor, you do need some money. Be careful of your spending habits, always put away money for short and long-term investments.

  • Enjoy the AWESOME Ride.

Success is not a Destination, It’s a Way of Life. Don’t wait to be happy until you’re a multimillionaire. Be happy and thankful now, but always expect and strive for greater.

  • Work as hard as you WANT IT!

Don’t just sit back and relax and wait for abundance. Go out there and make it happen. Be proactive, take measurable steps towards your goals. Success is not meant to be easy, so how badly do you want it?

  • Your best investment Starts with Yourself.

Having a solid educational foundation is important. Having a degree can up your annual income by $25K. A graduate degree will give you $45K more, year after year!

Your level of education is also important in how you perceive yourself and how others perceive you. It’s also important to also take seminars, boot camps and refresher courses to keep up to date with what is going on.

  • Leverage is a Double-Edge Sword

Using leverage to grow your portfolio is important, however proceed with caution. Being over-leveraged is risky and can send your portfolio tumbling. Be wise on what you can handle, slow growth generally means stable growth. Don’t be so obsessed with having so much that you end up losing everything due to greed.

  • The Golden Rule: Do unto others…

Real Estate is a relationship based business. We need our property managers, they need landlords.

We need our tenants, they need investors. Don’t be cocky and belittle people, everyone has a special gift and talent.

So always be gracious and charming, which is NOT EASY.

Remember: If you are a joy to be around with, you will never lack business, real estate partners and deals!

People will bring success right to your doorstep and want to help you because they LIKE you.