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By Realty411 Team

Are you looking for a new opportunity during this economic turmoil? Peter Vekselman is looking for aspiring investors who are willing to put in some hustle. In return, his partners not only gain the benefit of a high performance team, but all the money you could ask for to fund your deals too.

Nothing Is The Same Here

Dubbed ‘America’s Real Estate Investor Expert’, Peter Vekselman has been featured on Market Insider, ABC, Fox, and in the Boston Herald and Washington Business Journal.

We managed to catch up with Peter in between writing earnest money deposit checks for thousands of dollars for his partners’ property deals. He is a house flipper, investor and funding partner with offices in multiple states. Though, that’s about where the similarities between Peter and all of those real estate investing ‘gurus’ ends.

As he says “nothing is the same here.” There are a lot of real estate investors who have done a few deals, and now have crowned themselves as educators. The majority of them don’t seem to be doing much in real estate anymore, except for selling books, and more events.

While he may already be very successful, Peter is still in the trenches, doing deals every month. He believes in sharing that knowledge and training the next generation of investors, but his approach is very different. He’s willing to partner with those who are serious and willing to put in some hustle. He’s willing to do deals right alongside them, and put his money on the line to fund their success.

Bringing Home The Bacon With Brick Houses

When his camera crew isn’t catching him enjoying a thoughtful moment with an Arturo or Brick House cigar, Peter is hosting live coaching sessions, or hugging and high-fiving his student-partners who have seen their lives changed by what real estate can do for them when done right.

This mentor has been in the business for over 22 years – clocking up over 3,600 real estate deals over the years.

Being transparent, Vekselman tells us that his Partner Driven program helps him do more deal flow every month. As any experienced real estate pro knows, once you start hitting 15 to 30 transactions every month, it takes a team. It takes manpower and womanpower and partners.

So, in exchange for helping aspiring investors avoid all the pain and expense of the pitfalls that are out there waiting for them, Peter partners with them, gets real deals done, and they split the profits 50/50.

Success Stories

Peter’s websites sport numerous success stories of those who have partnered with him already.

There is Denisha, a mother of six in South Florida, who did her first deal with no money for her own down payment – who made a profit of $18,300.

There is 20 year old ex-bank teller Alex, who went from making a measly $1,500 a month salary to scoring $52,000 on his first deal with Peter.

Then there is Ivo, who made $26,000 on his first deal, fresh out of school, and has gone on to closing over 200 transactions, and starting – a company that is now doing 8 to 10 deals a month.

No Guru Has This…

He does not proclaim to be a guru, yet, if you want to compare Peter to those other guys, he says “no guru has this…”

Those who join the Partner Driven program get:

● One on one coaching
● A professional team already in place
● Help with every step of structuring and closing deals
● Support and marketing materials
● Contracts and help using them
● Experts to rehab properties

That’s just the foundation. He’ll not only show you how to do the deals, he’ll put up 100% of the money needed to get them done. That means deposit money, closing costs, purchase money and repair money.

Some people say they will do these things, and then just leave their students hanging in the wind, out on their own to try and find deals, and deals that work.

Not here. Peter has personally jumped on jets to go meet with sellers and get deals closed for his partners. He even provides an in-house team who help partners with all the research for finding local pre-foreclosure deals and ripe single family homes to bank on. You get a real pro to stand by your side, and get to use his experience and money.

What’s The Strategy?

Vekselman says “this is a fast paced market, where there is a lot of competition, but where flipping homes and wholesaling houses can be incredibly profitable.”

These are the two most popular strategies used by his student-partners. Though many have gone on to expand their own businesses into great personal brands and diverse empires of their own.


If you’re really serious, and willing to at least put in the work part-time, and truly take action, Peter invites you to call him directly. Pick up your phone and dial (404) 915-9685.  If you want to learn more, and see the types of results others are getting first, hop onto, and check out the Facebook group too.