Dear Real Estate  Friends,

Ok, this is your final reminder to come hear the best trainer on the planet,  bar none, give his all day training class on buying houses tomorrow, Saturday August 10th.   When you have a chance to hear and learn from the absolute best  in the business, you must take it.   And I guarantee you’ll never again get a chance to hear Peter for a whole day at this price.

Were you there this week when the standing room only crowd sat with rapt attention listening to Peter Fortunato’s every word?  If not, you missed a treat.  Peter is one of the TOP  trainers in the world of creative real estate.  Nobody disputes this fact.

The good news is that Peter is returning to give his famous “Currencies” house buying class this Saturday August 10th.  This class will teach you how to use anything  (but hopefully not cash) to buy houses.  As Peter says, “using cash to buy houses is the sign of a sick mind!”

Last night Peter explained how his young son, after graduating from high school, went out and quickly purchased four houses (one at a time) with the following terms:    Nothing down and NO payments.   He sold 3 for hefty profits and kept one to live in.  Would you like to do this for yourself?  Be there at this class Saturday!

This class have never been given in Southern California before so we should all feel privileged we have this great opportunity to learn from the master and at the incredible price we have for you.

Here’s the deal:  Although Peter usually charges $250 per day for his classes,  we’ve got him for just $129!    Gold members are $79 and Silver is $99 to attend.    Believe me, this is a  S T E A L  to learn from this man at this price and will probably never be repeated.  Also please note that absolutely no books, tapes, cd’s, dvd’s, home study programs, coaching programs, newsletters, etc. will be sold at this event.  Peter has none of those things.  Just come and learn from the best there is.

To enroll click here:
Or members and non members  can call 818-217-4630  to enroll by phone.

   The event will take place at the Embassy Suites LAX North, 9801 Airport Blvd (1 block north of Century Blvd at 98th near the LAX airport)   in Los Angeles 90045.  Registration will be at 8:15 am and the class will be from  9am – 5pm.   See you Saturday!

Steve Love, Co-Executive Director Prosperity Through Real Estate

P.S.    Write down your questions and bring them with you.  Peter loves answering questions and unlike most trainers, takes all audience questions during the class to make sure everyone understands the concepts completely.
To register for non-members click here: .
Otherwise call 818-217-4630 to register.