Miracle Deals are ALIVE and Well…

And there is nothing really miraculous about win/win transactions that offer creative means to dealing with “problematic” properties.

Take for example a commercial building in Downtown Los Angeles that just went into contract for $6M. The caveat on the deal was the fact that the former owner is willing to carry a large chunk of the new mortgage! Imagine not even having to go through all the additional work of obtaining traditional financing.

Of course, deals like these don’t come often, but they do appear. Will you be ready to structure a killer deal when lady luck is knocking on YOUR door? What would happen if you came across a phenomenal property plagued with a little challenging issue? Would you be able to handle putting the deal together?

Well, if you are a Realty411 reader and regular expo guest, creative transactions are not an issue!! Realty411 fans know that real estate is 100% negotiable and that win/win structures can be created to benefit both frustrated sellers and buyers willing to turn “problematic” properties around.

(We use quotation marks around “problematic” become many issues are perceived as “problems” when in actuality they can be “opportunities” for someone willing to take on that challenge.)

At our upcoming series of Realty411 expos in California and around the country, guests will learn directly from investors who are structuring deals just like this one, which was shared by one of our featured speakers, Hector Padilla, GRI/Broker of SWI Realty, Inc.

Here is another awesome deal he recently did: He purchased a PARKING LOT in Los Angeles for $75,000 and sold it one year later for $1.375 Million. Yes, another miracle deal in the City of Angels!

Isn’t it time that you added real estate into your investment portfolio? And if you have it already, is it not about time that you stepped it up a bit to keep up with the high cost of living in California?

Realty411 is giving you the opportunity to LEARN, CONNECT and GET MOTIVATED about what real estate can do in your life.  We are ready to share our knowledge with you… ARE YOU READY TO TAKE ACTION?

Realty411 hosts complimentary expos around the nation. Our events have attracted nearly 400 people. Realty411 has been hosting networking events since 2007. Our reputation as a leader in the industry is unmatched!!


NEWPORT BEACH – Thursday, April 21st – 9 am to 6 pm
Fire Your Boss for the Day and Come Work It Here.
Investor Forum and B2B Real Estate Expo – FREE COFFEE & PASTRIES
Complimentary Lunch for first 50 Guests – VIP Golf Game to follow at 6 pm

PASADENA – Friday, April 22nd- 9 am to 6 pm
Find the Funds You Need to Close Deals
Celebrate Our Private Money411 Issue – FREE COFFEE & PASTRIES
Complimentary Lunch for first 30 Guests, Mingle with REI Leaders in Old Town

MARINA DEL REY – Saturday, April 23rd – 9 am to 6 pm
Learn from Accredited in Investors in Marina del Rey
Indoor Education & Outdoor Networking – – FREE PARKING!
Complimentary Breakfast for FIRST 60 Guests!


Silicon Valley Real Estate Expo

East Coast Real Estate Expo in Long Island

Midwest Real Estate Expo in Chicago

Lone Star Real Estate Expo in Houston
Nearly 100 paid guests for this charity expo so far!

Realty411 expos had over 250,000 views in 2015, according to

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