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Attention savvy real estate investors, it’s time for another educational and exciting Realty411 Virtual Investing class for our readers.

Date and time

August 20 · 4am – September 3 · 5am AWST



Our guest will be Adiel Gorel with ICG Real Estate Investments.

ABOUT MR. ADIEL GOREL – CEO of International Capital Group – Keynote Speaker

Adiel Gorel is the CEO of ICG, a prominent real estate investment firm located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Since 1983 he has successfully been assisting thousands of investors with purchasing U.S. properties.

Through ICG he has personally invested in hundreds of properties for his own portfolio and was involved in the purchase of over 10,000 properties for ICG’s investors in Phoenix, Las Vegas, Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Atlanta, Nashville, Huntsville, Boise, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Salt Lake City, to name just a few.

Mr. Gorel holds a master’s degree from Stanford University. His professional experience includes Management and Director Positions in firms including Hewlett- Packard, Excel Telecommunications, and biotechnology firms.


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Join us for an amazing time in real estate education. Every online event we produce is unique, be sure to reserve this day for REI learning at its best. Join from a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device – Schedule will be sent to all guests. Thank you.

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