Antonia Martinez needed money quickly. She had only a few days to come up with back rent or risk eviction. Martinez decided to put her holistic studies to the test. “I had been training back then with a spiritual teacher. We had been working on a technique for focusing and harnessing power to help bring the object of thought into manifestation.

Instead of concentrating on the $1600 she needed, Martinez focused her energy on keeping her New York City apartment. She says she did not worry about how or when she would get the cash. Four days later, odd jobs presented themselves and she was able to accumulate enough funds to pay off the menacing landlord.

Martinez, now a doctoral student in metaphysical science, says she was not surprised by her fortunate outcome. In addition to being a scholar, she is a practicing spiritual counselor and founder of (, a website that aides people in their spiritual growth, so she knows firsthand the power individuals have in attracting prosperity.
People from many religions — from evangelical Christians to New Age followers — believe money is a spiritual force that can be obtained by all who properly seek it. Therefore, many believe that the road to prosperity must traveled in a spiritual manner.

“Money is a medium for the exchange or transformation of energy.” Martinez says and adds, “It’s not the source of spiritual, creative power nor is it the ultimate goal.” She explains this by saying that most of the time people don’t really desire money, better yet, they wish to attain a lifestyle that they think only money can buy.

Just as magnets attract steel, so too can thoughts lure riches.

In the classic self-improvement manual Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill wrote: “…the subconscious mind will translate into its physical equivalent a thought impulse or a negative or destructive nature just as readily as it will act upon thought impulses of a positive constructive nature.”

Essentially, what dynamic thinkers realize is that every individual has the ability to control the distribution of wealth from within. To explain this in a non-spiritual way one must only study the laws of physics: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This vital law of gravity also applies to mental thoughts.

Just as the Bible states that one reaps what they sow (Galatians 6:7), a person can cultivate riches with positive thoughts and actions. The following are spiritual methods a person can use to increase their income and have a more abundant life. Use one or all of these techniques to attract prosperity.


Want to finally pay that credit card debt off or replace that old clunker with a brand new car? There is a simple yet effective way to make financial goals materialize: Just ask! It is not selfish or wrong to ask God for monetary blessings, if the money will be used for a good purpose. “Abundance is the natural state of the universe,” Martinez says and adds, “It is not wealth that is ungodly, it is selfishness.”


Imagination is the key to success. If one can imagine themselves being successful, they are already on their way to the top. Martinez advises people not to worry so much about attracting money, it’s more important to focus on creating what one hopes to experience by having money. Martinez says visualizing is important “because it helps you establish clearly in your mind the reality you are trying to create.”

Positive Action ( Act As If )

Don’t wait to be a millionaire to give to a favorite charity, do it now! Positive action or acting as if is a very important process in realizing one’s financial goals. By acting as if one has already received their wishes, one is demonstrating faith. “If you act it out, even the smallest part of it, you embody it,” Martinez reveals, “If you embody it, you can manifest it.” So next time bills are delivered, don’t wait till the last minute to pay them. Write checks happily and confidently, know that money is in abundance.


Inspirational author Shakti Gawain writes that affirmations are one of the most important elements of creating the reality one desires. Most people aren’t aware of the words and ideas that run through their minds, but Gawain writes that those stream of thoughts are “the basis for which we form our experience of reality.” By affirming we “make firm” what we say. It is therefore vital to declare positive words about the existence we wish to create. Concentrate on one affirmation daily and repeat it often.


I am being blessed with prosperity now.”
“God provides me with everything I need.”
“I am growing more financially prosperous daily.”
“The universe is abundant, and I shall have what I need and desire.”