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Hello Accredited Investor;

Last call for our Los Angeles Cannabis Real Estate investment opportunity. We are closing soon.  This is your last chance to participate before the shares are all sold.

Class A Shares
26.3% Targeted Investor IRR
2.54X Targeted Equity Multiple
30.7% Targeted Average Cash Yield
5 Years Targeted Investment Period
$50,000 Minimum Investment

This project is a light value-add industrial real estate play. We are purchasing 17,000 sq ft of warehouse space that will be transformed in to a turn-key cannabis manufacturing, distribution, and growing facility minutes from Downtown Los Angeles.

Once the rehab is completed, the space will be leased to our operations business on a NNN basis. Unlike other value-add projects that require 1-3 years of work to complete, this transformation will only take a few months!

Imagine you currently manufacture a product that is selling well in the state of Colorado or Oregon and you want to expand to California, the biggest cannabis market in the country. You could find a location, try to secure licenses, build out your facility, hire staff, etc OR you could just lease space from our facility!

We will have all of the licenses, equipment, staff, and infrastructure to get you up and running in no time. This will be an amazing opportunity and you can participate through owning the real estate and reaping the strong returns!

Ready to learn more?
Click Here for the 3-Pager showing a summary the changes.

Update Webinar
To replay our in-depth discussion Click Here.  The first 20 minutes is our update with Q&A then a review of the project details following.  To download the full presentation deck, Click Here. You can also click here to to view additional pictures of the space.

We also suggest that you review the full PPM and Subscription package for the real estate investment.  You can also original our webinar (prior to re-engineering the capital stack) and download the original accompanying slide deck.

Ready to Invest?
Following the process outlined below.  Please sign your Subscription Documents ASAP and wire next week.  If you need any help, we are a call/text/email away!

The Investment Process:

We are here to assist if you have any questions.

  • CLICK HERE to review the short video explaining the signing process.  The video is less than 6 minutes and the signing process will also take that long.
  • Sign in to your account on our Investor Portal and begin the signing process. You can also use this ink to create a new individual profile. If you plan to invest jointly with a spouse or using a new entity such as trust, SDIRA, LLC or other entity, please respond to this email and I will assist you creating the additional profile and connecting them.
  • Accredited Investor certification.  If you have not already been certified as an Accredited Investor, please see the options below and complete the process ASAP. 
  • Fund your investment ASAP, as time is now of the essence.

Accredited Investor Certification

This investment is only open to accredited investors. If you have a CPA, other registered investment advisor, or 3rd party certification letter dated within the past 90 days, you can use it.  Please upload securely and directly using this link.  If you do not, you will need to select 1 of the 3 options below to be certified.    

1) You can have your CPA, attorney, SEC registered investment advisor or broker-dealer complete this 1-page form attesting that you are an accredited investor.  This is a fillable PDF that can be downloaded.

2) If you are qualifying based on income ($200k for individuals or $300k for married couples in each calendar year), you can upload copies of your W-2s or other proof of income for 2017 and 2018 to our secure site

3) If you are qualifying based on your net worth, email us and we will send you a link to our 3rd party verification service.  We pay the cost for this option.  You will need to supply them with all information required for them to verify that your net worth is greater than $1 million excluding your primary residence.  These are just some of the documents they may require: a recent credit report, online valuation for real estate owned, bank and other asset statements, etc.  

We look forward to investing with you!
Christy, Jean-Marc, Leslie, and Jack

For questions, please email: [email protected]