Have you tried many things to increase your income and your financial results, and yet you’re still not where you want to be?

Are you ready to take yourself to the next level of success? Investing in your Money Mindset is the “best location” to begin investing for your long-term financial success.

If you are ready to create powerful breakthroughs in the area of money, then you will want to take a few minutes and invest in reading this article. My name is Cappi Pidwell, and I am a Master of NLP and Hypnotherapy. I have trained thousands of individuals, top companies and organizations for the past 23 years, on the topic of “Money Mindset”.

Did you know that you have a personal relationship to money that you have learned how to master for years? Everyone has this relationship, because everyone deals with money on a daily basis. The real question is: Is this relationship one of abundance, growth and joy, or is it one of stress, worry and strain for you? How rich or poor is this relationship for you?

Here are some basic questions you can begin asking yourself to identity your Money Mindset: What are your common, daily “feelings” about money? What do you tell yourself about money? Do you tell yourself things like: “Uh, I just don’t have the money right now.”?

Or do you feel like you have to work hard for money, or does it come easy to you? Are you someone who feels like everything you touch turns to gold, or are you someone who worries about your investments and finances, telling yourself you can’t afford to make a mistake? Do you have a habit of under-earning or overspending? Or do you have non-productive investments? Are you in debt, barely making ends meet? Or are you doing fine and simply wanting more? What are your habitual feelings and beliefs about money?

Because I guarantee you…. they have been the same for YEARS! As you can see, there are many places you can be in your personal relationship to money, so take a minute now and identify what your personal relationship to money really is. There are no right or wrong answers, it’s just you being with you, exploring your personal blueprint with money.

Most people NEVER even look at this relationship, they jump right into business and skip over this very important fact that they have an internal money blueprint, therefore relating to money in their “trained” way. They often take all the right classes, go to great seminars and hope to “make more money” in their career or investments, yet never resolve their internal money mindset.

Your subconscious money mindset is driving ALL of your daily decisions, and ALL of your financial outcomes. I often tell my clients to imagine that they have two bank accounts in their mind: One is the bank account of lack, fear and worry; and the other account is that of joy, prosperity and abundance.

Now ask yourself, where are most of your “daily thought deposits” going? Are they going into lack, fear and worry, or are you thinking of joy, prosperity and abundance?

Our thoughts, beliefs and feelings are very powerful. Your money mindset is priceless and as you enrich it, your outcomes change. It’s important to be aware of what you say to yourself, program your mind accordingly, with positive-abundant thoughts and actions.

Until next time.

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