The New Avenue For Financing Real Estate Assets – Learn About AssetAvenue

Capitalizing on the opportunities out there, and securing deals to ensure a solid financial future is still reliant on the ability to obtain real estate financing.

by Tim Houghten, Exclusive Interview for Realty411

AssetAvenue doesn’t just have the money, but prides itself on constantly opening up new in-demand loan products that enable investors to make power moves with loans that actually serve them well.

So who is AssetAvenue and what do they offer? How are their solutions different from what the real estate investor has encountered before? AssetAvenue’s VP of Marketing, Jacqueline Thomas gave us the 411…

THE BACKGROUND – About AssetAvenue

AssetAvenue is an online nationwide direct lender, offering real estate investor loans on rehab and rental properties in 44 states. They use technology to improve the way entrepreneurs borrow money for real estate investment properties.

In addition, they partner with institutional capital providers that allows them to offer competitive rates and friendly loan terms. Their innovative online platform and propriety data models enables them to deliver new benchmarks for speed, transparency and flexibility to borrowers and brokers; traditional banks and hard money lenders simply can’t compete.

Their differentiator is providing borrowers with financing solutions that are completely transparent, top-notch customer service, and instant online quotes. They pride themselves in providing real estate investors with simple, quick and reliable online lending.

The Rehab Loan

AssetAvenue’s flagship loan product is their rehab loan. Some unique features of the fix-and-flip loan product is lower rates than hard money lenders, no junk fees, free quotes without doing a credit check, and 10-day funding.

Customers like Scott Moore with BBS Development have high praise for AssetAvenue’s rehab loan, “I wouldn’t have been able to close and be awarded the property without AssetAvenue.”

The 30-Year Residential – Fixed Rate Rental Loan

Many income property investors haven’t been finding the love they expected when shopping for deals and investment property loans. Some lenders and turnkey property promoters have tried, but just haven’t been able to create a product that fits well. AssetAvenue is a mortgage lender specifically created to fund investors.

Jacqueline Thomas tells us that the 30-year fixed has been in high demand. “It just makes sense,” she says, adding: “Our real estate investors asked for a product that would expand their investment portfolio and we delivered. The new loan product is to finance the purchase of rental properties, including single-family homes, two to four multi-tenant units, condos, and townhouses.”

Thomas further explains that rental loan approval is primarily driven by the property’s rental income, with minimal requirements regarding personal earnings. AssetAvenues’ unique features open up alternative capital and credit for entrepreneurs who are often rejected by traditional lenders.

Is This The Path For You?

Indicative transactions and references from others on the site reveal both real estate brokers and investors have found this channel extremely valuable, if not invaluable in saving deals that have run into challenges.

In an industry with numerous financial resources running on impersonal automation, it’s evident that AssetAvenue truly listens and understands what it takes to set investors up for success. What’s going to be really exciting is seeing what loan program features this tech- savvy lender will roll out next.

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