New Year, New Speakers, Same Great Information

Realty411 will begin 2019 with a bang by hosting five events in three states, spotlighting numerous new sponsors and speakers in the real estate investing industry.

Beginning in January, Realty411 will host two events: A three-day bootcamp in Marina del Rey, Calif.; plus, a one-day real estate conference and expo in Houston, Texas.

Next, Realty411 conferences and expos are scheduled for Silicon Valley, with a one-day event in Santa Clara, California. The Silicon Valley is the base of the nation’s tech hub and home to many sophisticated investors diversifying their investment portfolios by purchasing properties out of the area.

Later in the month, Realty411 will visit the East Coast by hosting an event in South Florida. Realty411‘s event will be hosted in Boca Raton, one of the most luxurious enclaves in the area. Some of the key topics to be discussed in Florida are residential assisted living facilities, credit restoration, passive real estate, tax liens and more.

After their East Coast event, Realty411 returns to Los Angeles with a one-day conference and expo in Pasadena, California on March 9th.

Five events for the first quarter of 2019 have been scheduled to enable as many Realty411 readers and followers to connect directly.

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A number of new educators, who are commencing, restarting or revamping their public education careers have signed up to speak for 2019 events produced by Realty411 magazine. Leading the way in specialized niches spotlighted at 2019 conferences are several legal experts who focus in the the real estate and business industries.

“I’ve had the personal good fortune of doing business with some of the top legal minds in the nation,” says Linda Pliagas, publisher of Realty411 magazine.

“With my work as a journalist and publisher, I’ve had the opportunity of either interviewing or actually being a client of phenomenal lawyers who have assisted me in my business. It’s fantastic that several regarded legal experts will be joining us to help our guests,” she adds.

For 2019, Realty411 will be adding numerous legal experts into our educational mix to give guests and readers valuable tips, strategies and guidance. The first event spotlighting legal strategies is in Houston, Texas on January 26th.

The event, in tribute to the state’s heritage of independence, is titled The event showcases two Texas-based attorneys who will be answering real estate- and business-related questions for guests, as well as many local experts who will be sharing valuable information for investors and brokers alike.

In addition to adding complimentary legal education to their events, Realty411 is also adding experts in credit restoration, rental market analysis, tax liens, technology platforms, private finance, commercial syndication, turn-key real estate markets, and so much more.

“We have numerous new speakers on our roster for 2019, but we also have numerous educators who have been in real estate for many, many years, ” Pliagas notes, adding: “Some of our speakers have been active as many as 35 years or longer. We’re really excited to showcase so much knowledge at our complimentary Realty411 events.”

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Based in Santa Barbara County, Realty411 magazine is distributed nationwide at their own expos and networking events, and via a network of publication distributors, plus VIP investment clubs, brokerages, as well as freely distributed at public locations in high-end areas of California. In addition, the magazine is viewed on numerous websites and platforms reaching individual investors around the world.

Pliagas began the publication in the summer of 2007. Her goal was to stimulate her career as an agent and spotlight real estate investing and as a way to connect California investors with brokers around the nation. She is an investor and has owned and managed properties in up to five states simultaneously.

Due to her post as publisher, Pliagas is currently one of the most followed females in the REI industry. She has numerous public Facebook accounts (with approximately 18,000 plus friends), nearly 50,000 LinkedIn connections, over 5,000 fans on Twitter, and close to 10,000 IGers (Instagramers). In addition, her Pinterest pins reach 13K people monthly and Realty411 manages Facebook investor groups with nearly 75,000 members.

Realty411 has never paid for “friends”, and all social media followers are 100% organic.

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