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New Realty411 Radio episode today highlighted long-distance rehabbing. Listeners were encouraged to join us for our live segment featuring Bay Area investor and wealth manager, Bruce Dinger.

Bruce Dinger is a very different type of investor and investment advisor. He combines his 30 years plus of market experience with over a decade as an educator in the markets to effectively manage market risks and help clients grow their wealth. 

His experience as a successful entrepreneur and businessman provides unparalleled depth when vetting through various investments. Bruce Dinger strives to be the BEST of the BEST of traders. He is driven by making a positive contribution and serving his clients with excellence.

In this new episode of Realty411 Radio, our listeners learned how Bruce was able to identify and purchase properties all over the nation. Bruce admitted that he often doesn’t even see the properties before he buys them! How is this possible? Be sure to tune in to find out fantastic information about long-distance rehabbing and investing.

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