The Clothiers’ connection economy puts four real estate companies on Inc.’s 5000 list

Kent Clothier lives by the ethos of being “unwilling to waste a single moment.” The fact that his family’s businesses stake claim to four spots on Inc.’s fastest growing private companies list proves that.

From Airbnb to Uber to Facebook, today’s fastest growing and most valuable businesses share one thing in common – they focus on connecting people and resources. It’s most entrepreneurs’ dream to hit a notable list once. Most never dream of being able to replicate that success. So what’s so different about the Clothier culture and system?

In an exclusive interview Kent gave us the 411 on what’s driving the machine…

Real Estate Worldwide

Kent and his companies Real Estate Worldwide and REI Marketing are the conduits that are connecting thousands of individuals with what they really want more of.
This is the gateway to learning, an incredible suite of real estate lead generating software, elite real estate coaching for those who want it, and then turn-key investment properties, property management, and realty services via Memphis Invest, Premier Management, and Premier Realty.

No matter where individuals are, from having never thought about real estate investing, to already running a multi-million dollar enterprise – the Clothier family of companies has a way to help take you to the next level.

REWW launched a new website in September 2015 to better serve the flock of investors that have become fans of what Kent and his team stand for. The team that is on a mission to reach and help 2 million plus individuals. But Kent says, “it doesn’t matter if it is 200,000 this year, or 2,000. It is about the individual impact on people’s lives and their families.” Each one is priceless.

Life by Design

Kent says he’s “not a real estate guy.” What?! One of the biggest names in the real estate world, and he says he isn’t even really about identifying as a property specialist or worrying about buying and selling houses every day. Kent Clothier is about living on purpose. About maximizing the potential of every minute. He loves data. He loves systems. It just so happens that real estate can deliver the biggest returns in the shortest periods of time, and it can be done on autopilot.

REWW’s SMART Software Suite provides automated solutions for finding cash buyers, private lenders and motivated sellers. For Kent, and many of those they serve, income is now turnkey, and coming in like clockwork. Or, in this case, more like a Tesla Model X in ‘Ludacris Mode’.

It is all about making the most of every minute. Maximizing efficiency in investing so that when we ask “Am I spending my time doing what I really want to?” the answer is always “Yes!” For Kent success in achieving this has come from pioneering ‘Reverse Wholesaling’ and a near death experience.

Kent says, “life is a one-shot deal.” And it is his skill with systems, combined with his burning “passion for living an authentic life,” which enables him to be there for his children, maximize his contribution to them, and that has given birth to real estate’s New Connection Economy.

We’ve all had someone we love with incredible intensity and a servant’s heart. That’s ‘our why’. It’s why we do everything we do. For Kent, it is his wife and kids. And he knows that just leaving them a mountain of money, or telling them that they can achieve whatever they want in life, isn’t the most he can do for them.

He explains that “in order to really empower them, I want to lead by example, and demonstrate what a life of creating value and lifting up others can do.”
This message that has clearly resonated with a surging number of people. It is an ethos lived throughout the organizations, with an annual culture book, and The Time is Now Project, which aids orphans in Haiti. And this is the heart, pumping life into these extraordinary results.

What’s Next…

Check out the Clothier’ companies online and get connected at and RealEstateWorld Don’t miss ‘Kent Clothier’s Unlikely Rise to Successful Real Estate Investor’ on YouTube. Just be warned that this video has likely made more than one grown man cry, and may spark the instantaneous drive to track Kent down and find a way to work with him.