Real Tech SF 2013 is excited to announce the participating Sponsors and Starup Alley companies for this month’s event.

Here are the four Gold Sponsors, who will all have full-length exhibitor tables at the conference:

  • Reesio – Next generation transaction management platform for real estate agents (no separate accounts needed)
  • – Property search site operated by Move, Inc.
  • – Empowers online publishers to expand and diversify ad inventory sales.
  • Cloud CMA – Creates reports for real estate agents that can be used to win new listings.

Here is the one Silver Sponsor (non-exhibitor), who is also our sole media sponsor for the event:

  • Realty411 — Publishes online and print media, and organizes events for real estate investors.

The Startup Alley portion of the event is comprised of 23 technology startups within the real estate space that will be demo-ing their disruptive, innovative products:

  • Happy Inspector – iPad app for property inspections.
  • Wigwamm – Auctions for rental property.
  • Storefront – Marketplace for short-term retail space (pop-up stores, etc.)
  • RealtyShares – Online crowdfunding for real estate investments.
  • HomeZada – Allows homeowners to track maintenance, remodels, and other home data.
  • Zumper – Apartment rental searches from verified brokers and renters.
  • Producers Forum – Handles off-market/off-MLS transactions.
  • iManageRent – Online property management for landlords, tenants, and building providers.
  • Benutech – Online transaction management for real estate agents.
  • EZ Coordinator – Online transaction management for real estate agents.
  • Cozy – Online property management with a focus on payments and screening for landlords.
  • Onvedeo – Video hosting and marketing platform for real estate agents.
  • Keyzio – iPhone app to match home sellers/buyers that might not be actively looking.
  • Comvibe – Online property management for companies with a focus on maintenance.
  • MagicPlan – iOS app for capturing floor plans using the sensors in a tablet/phone.
  • GoRefi – End-to-end, cloud-based app for refinancing a home online without an agent.
  • HomeSmart Advantage Realty – Online brokerage with a deep focus on technology.
  • Proxio – Global marketing product that helps agents market their listings worldwide.
  • — Online real estate marketplace with live bidding auctions.
  • DoormanSF – Online property management for landlords in San Francisco.
  • Pendo Rent — Online property management for landlords.
  • Local-Insights — Predictive analytics, data visualization, and filtering.
  • Kwelia — Uses predictive date to calculate what apartments should rent for.



Mark Thomas, Co-Founder & CEO, Reesio

“Superior technology for real estate agents”