Los Angeles – To prepare for a busy year in 2014, Realty411 magazine added The Lisètt Group as their new communications firm. Based in Downtown Los Angeles, the full-service branding and media firm will be responsible for media outreach and placement, public relations, press coordination, media planning, product placement, brand development, strategy development, plus social media growth.

The campaign will be supervised by Tehelah Lisètt, a managing partner of the firm. The Lisètt Group is a full-service international branding and communications firm headquartered in Downtown Los Angeles, with offices in Atlanta and the Philippines.  The firm is directly connected and represents a diverse network of media professionals, brands, companies and influencers throughout multiple disciplines including B2B/B2C, beauty, fashion, luxury, consumer, tech, hospitality, art, home décor, health & wellness, gaming, real estate and food.

Known for its innovative thinking on both the creative and strategic level, The Lisètt Group is committed to helping companies take their brand to the next level by unique strategies and fostering relationships with key people of influence.

Realty411 has been in business since 2007 and now creates several publications for the real estate investment community including: Realty411, CashFlow Express and REI Wealth Monthly (found on the Apple newstand). Realty411 reaches thousands of readers and the California-based media company also produces expos, events and mixers around the county. Their social media outreach is the largest of any other real estate publication and grows exponentially daily due to their effective marketing campaigns, which take advantage of the latest technologies.

“I really appreciate effective marketing because I’ve been a business owner for so long,” says Linda Pliagas, the founder of Realty411 and co-publisher of REI Wealth. “I know what it’s like to spend thousands of dollars on marketing because I’ve personally tried every type of marketing possible under the planet.” Pliagas has been a real estate agent for over 11 years and helps market her husband’s antique clock restoration business in Santa Barbara County. Her goal in hiring an outside media firm is to expand the awareness of the many publications and live events that Realty411 produces and to spotlight in the press the unique aspects of their company. She says: “Hiring a fresh and innovative media company in Los Angeles, which specializes in creative marketing, will help relieve some work in-house and position us for a fantastic 2014.”

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