Tips About Investing in Self Storage Facilities, Plus Out-of-State Rehabs Are on Topic this Week

by Realty411 Staff

Realty411‘s Radio podcast has two new episodes this week for investors to download. The topics for this week’s “Invest Wisely” segments include self storage investing, plus remote rehabbing.

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In this week’s two 30-minute segments, Linda Pliagas, Realty411‘s founder and publisher, interviews Scott Mednick to get the scoop on self storage facilities.

Mednick is a licensed broker and contractor based in Orange County, California. Mednick also hosts a monthly real estate club and serves as a mentor to many investors in his group; he has purchased single-family homes, multifamily properties, fix and flips deals, and has even built structures from the ground up.

Investors who are interested in learning how a self-storage facility can add passive income to their real estate portfolio can LISTEN HERE or below:

Realty411‘s second podcast focuses on long-distance rehabbing

Out-of-state investing attracts many to seek fortune in zip codes afar. Why? For many investors residing in high-priced areas (such as U.S. coastal cities), purchasing properties in the Mid West, South or Rust Belt regions may be the only way for them to enter the fix ‘n’ flip market.

While opportunities may seem to be abundant elsewhere, caution is needed for long-distance rehabbers. Some investors have reached out to Realty411 over the years alleging they’ve been taken advantage of by unscrupulous professionals who know they live out of the area.

Listen to Realty411‘s Invest Wisely Podcast Now

To help investors make wiser decisions, Pliagas interviews remote rehabber Bruce E. Dinger, who is based in high-priced Silicon Valley.

Dinger, an investor, hedge-fund manager, speaker and mentor, shares with listeners exactly how he is successful flipping homes in Maryland from his Bay Area house — all while helping his wife Kelly care for their four children.

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