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Dear Realty411 Investor

I know an interesting real estate investor. One I think you should know too. His name is Randy Hughes. He’s a full-time real estate investor like you and me. He’s been at it for 40-plus years. He has also learned a thing or two about asset protection and privacy, so people call him from all over the country almost every day to ask him questions.

Did you know this? Randy told me that as real estate investors we can create financial privacy and asset protection at NO COST to us! That’s right, it costs NOTHING for you and your family to be more secure. I even have to ask myself: “WOW! How can that be?”

Randy has agreed to lead a workshop for us during which he is going to explain how protecting your assets can actually cut your cost of real estate investing. All you have to do is show up and listen! You’ll want to take good notes, too, because…

Randy will explain to you how you can:

· Make bigger profits when selling on an installment contract
· Eliminate the risk of selling on a note or contract
· Make more money when selling on a lease-option
· Eliminate confrontations with tenants
· Combine this one essential step with LLC’s for dy-no-mite asset protection
· Avoid due-on-sale, transfer taxes, re-assessment upon sale and seasoning issues
· Obtain privacy of ownership and avoid frivolous lawsuits

Please take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn from a true professional that has been in the trenches for over four decades.

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Believe me: It is hard to find anyone as knowledgeable about this stuff. Randy is downright passionate about shielding himself and his loved ones from risk.

One day he realized he studied so much, that he knew more than any of his advisors! So, I have arranged for YOU to learn from someone who is recognized as a NATIONAL expert on how to hold onto those properties for which you’ve worked so hard.

Randy has trained thousands of real estate investors.Here’s your chance to be part of this elite group. Don’t miss out on this special workshop that I have arranged for you. NO ONE knows more about protecting your assets than Randy.This is your opportunity to ask questions from THE EXPERT!


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To our success,
Linda Pliagas

P.S. Everyone wants to talk to Randy. He gets calls seven days a week! Take advantage of your opportunity NOW.

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