“The Death of Creative Real Estate As We Know It”?

This is going to be one of the hottest topics discussed by Real Estate Investment Gurus in 2014, and it should be, but… don’t believe the hype. As “Smart Real Estate Investors”, one of the strategies we sometimes employ with sellers is to discuss with them the options they have to dispose of an unwanted or problem property. But, as the headline suggests, what options do we know have as Investors under these new pieces of legislation we have come to know as “The S.A.F.E. Act” and the “Dodd-Frank Act”, which become effective starting January 10th, 2014?

Tune in this SATURDAY @ 9 AM SHARP! – Meet the *Team and New Hosts of BlogTalkRadio’s Realty411 “Invest Wisely” Show and listen to a brief discussion on why you shouldn’t be concerned about all the “hype” surrounding this new legislation.


With just a little bit of information, knowledge and proper documentation, which has been available for over a century, you won’t have any problem staying in full compliance and avoid the real estate Boogie Man.

Plus, we are going to discuss Goal Setting for 2014. Did you write down your goals this year? Goal Setting is very important for Real Estate investors. We will discuss why everyone should have a plan for 2014, so they can achieve all their goals for the year.

Meet the Team…

Linda Pliagas, Publisher of Realty411 Magazine

Scott Moyes, TheSmartREI & Full Price Offer Guy

Crystal Guzman, Partner of Real Estate Club in Action

David Salcido, Co-Founder of The Smart REI Group of America and Social Media Marketing Expert

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