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Dear Realty411 Readers;

We are saddened about the recent developments with the novel corornavirus (COVID-19) and its impact on social gatherings across the nation; however, we are moving onward and now merely transitioning both of our Southern and Northern California Expos into ONE LIVE VIRTUAL EXPO.

Yes, on March 28th AND March 29th, Realty411 will still continue set plans with a complimentary educational WEEKEND real estate expo designed to help inform, assist and motivate real estate investors of all levels.

Now, more than ever is the time to connect, network, and learn.

This is an unprecedented time and as news professionals we must continue to provide the most timely, accurate and informative journalism possible. Our freelance staff is comprised of professional, university-trained media veterans who spotted the economic warnings of this global pandemic early on and shared a Facebook alert on February 20th, 2020.

Next, we reported on COVID-19’s potential economic impact on our podcast show more than two weeks ago, before many other news sources. As real estate reporters, we strive to not just simply analyze the news but notice emerging trends that could impact our industry.

It is therefore important to join us for our NEW VIRTUAL EXPO on March 28th and March 29th, 2020, to discuss WHAT IS NEXT in our market, our economy, and in our industry?

At this up-to-the-minute LIVE VIRTUAL EXPO, our speakers will share their thoughts on the current state of the market and what they’re doing to protect their portfolio during this economic roller-coaster and age of uncertainty.

Plus, we will be discussing the most important question of all: What can real estate investors and professionals do RIGHT NOW to best position themselves for this new “social distancing” lifestyle?

The news and economic markets are changing rapidly, rest assured that Realty411‘s goal is to “dig deeper” to bring readers crucial information to help safeguard their real-estate nest eggs from dramatic disruptions.

In closing, we would like to urge people to please keep calm. As of today, economic indicators are already seeing a bounce back in the US stock market, most likely from the announcement of a proposed $800-Billion stimulus package, which could potentially put cash into the hand’s of every American very soon.

Plus, SBA low-interest, long-term loans specifically for small businesses affected by COVID-19 are already available. Facebook also announced $100M in grants for small businesses impacted by the carnivorous. Plus, interest rates are at an all-time low also providing potential relief if refinancing.

Be sure to check back to our website for additional coverage and analysis, plus RSVP FOR OUR VIRTUAL EXPO to reserve your spot today.