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Discover the Latest Insight, News and REI Strategies at Realty411’s State of the Market & Investing Summit in Southern California – Network with Sophisticated Investors from Throughout the Nation!

Welcome to Realty411’s STATE OF THE MARKET & INVESTING SUMMIT being held on Saturday, August 3rd in Los Angeles, California. Join us at the Four Points by Sheraton Los Angeles Westside in Culver City to learn real estate investing with experienced investors who have purchased properties both locally and throughout the United States. Most of our educators have decades of personal experience in real estate investing.

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Hosted by, which is owned by an experienced 22-year licensed real estate agent, REALTOR®, and accredited investor. Based in Santa Barbara County, Calif., she has owned income properties in five states so far. Her mission is to inspire as many people as possible so they too can change their financial lives by carefully investing in real assets. So far, has reached tens of thousands of investors, online and in person — all across the nation.

RSVP Today – Secure Your Seat Now!

Tickets for Realty411’s new in-person STATE OF THE MARKET & INVESTING SUMMIT in Southern California are limited due to space, so please RSVP today to secure your seat for the educational portion of this event. Our special one-day conference will host incredible educators from around the country, who are ready to share their valuable insight with our guests.

Network with exhibitors, sophisticated investors from throughout California as well as from around the country. If you are serious about personal finance, even if you are new to real estate or are not yet ready to buy a property, join us to learn about the current and prospective market. In addition to real estate, this event will lay the foundation for your personal finance journey.

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RSVP Today – Secure Your Seat Now!

Pencil in this date now and join us in person to gain specialized insight and knowledge. The information shared on this SPECIAL day could catapult your portfolio to new levels. Discover our real estate publications, our VIP perks, plus connect with savvy industry professionals.

Resources & Learning with Top REI Leaders, including:

  • Christoph R. Malzl, Land Voice
  • Jake Morse, Land Voice
  • Rick Tobin, Real Loans
  • Alton Jones, Rehab 2 Riches
  • Jeremy Rubin, Friendly Flipper
  • Christopher Meza, Real Titan Acquisitions
  • Rusty Tweed, TFS Properties
  • Barry Duron, Alt Lender Mortgage
  • Jim Edenfield, Invest Success
  • Tim Emery, Invest Success
  • Alex Haiek, American Financial Lending
  • Nicole Daeila, MAG Capital Partners
  • Eric Tran, Universal Commercial Capital
  • Izzy Sadzakov, Universal Commercial Capital
  • Linda Pliagas,
  • Anthony Patrick, New Harvest Ventures
  • Paul Wilkins, Approved Inheritance Cash
  • Scott Mednick, OC Forum
  • And Many More! Don’t miss it…

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to learn directly and network with others who are also making their REI goals come true. If you are truly interested in building passive income and learning real, proven strategies that our educators implement for their success, then RSVP today:

See YOU at Realty411’s STATE OF THE MARKET & INVESTING SUMMIT — please bring plenty of business cards. Grasp this opportunity to connect and learn from top investors from around the nation. Be sure to upgrade as a VIP Guest to join us for a delicious lunch as well. VIP guests will enjoy lunch with our speakers, staff and readers.