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Diversify your portfolio by investing in a real estate tech startup

Are you a real estate investor who is looking to diversify your portfolio, and want to try investing in something with a higher potential ROI? Are you tired of hearing about angel investors being part of 9-figure exits from technology companies and realize you want in on the action? And do you want to be part of the next real estate technology revolution? If so, you won’t want to miss investing in this opportunity.

Reesio is a technology platform built for real estate professionals that helps them streamline all of their leads and deals easily online. The product provides full CRM, Transaction Management, Single Property Page Websites, Offers Management, and Listing Syndication. The company is already generating revenue and has over 740 paying customers from across the United States.

Reesio is currently raising its next round of funding to help it continue to accelerate its rapid growth, and is looking for tech-savvy real estate investors who want to invest and be part of the next wave of real estate technology.

For more info and to see an investor prospectus, send an email to Reesio Co-Founder & CEO, Mark Thomas, at [email protected].

*Please note that this opportunity is only open to accredited investors.