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With the legendary Dr. Albert Lowry, presents*

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Dear Future Millionaire,

We are inviting you to attend our Brand New 3-Day Live Intensive Training ABSOLUTELY FREE!!! These training sessions only happen a few times a year, so don’t miss this rare opportunity.

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Over 21,000 people attended the Real Estate Wealth Expos featuring Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, Suze Orman, Reggie Brooks, Tony Robbins, and the Legendary Dr. Albert Lowry. The response for Dr. Lowry’s Auctions and Foreclosure seminar was so enormous that many attendees complained they couldn’t get in to see him. We Are Lucky to Have the Guru of Gurus to Teach Us for 3 Days. Mark Your Calendar and Register Now… Every seat will be filled, space will be limited.

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You Will Learn:

  • How to write an “ALL CASH” offer and get a great deal without using your own money
  • How to buy foreclosures from banks and trust companies at wholesale
  • How to use Options to make big money without buying
  • How to make money by assigning contracts and laugh all the way to the bank!
  • How to buy a home with no job and bad credit
  • How to dramatically reduce your taxes up to 70% legally
  • How to use FREE GOVERNMENT MONEY to help fund your deals!

And Much, Much More!

Learn how people just like you are making fortunes using the

little-known Shadow Inventory Real Estate markets!

You Will Learn How to Make Big Money Fast,

Using the Bank’s Shadow Inventory…

This is the foreclosure inventory that has not been released to the general public. Amherst Securities, a leading research firm, places the number of homes included in this Shadow Inventory at approximately 7 million. This means great opportunity for those of you who learn and act now!

Many of these properties have been purchased with 100% financing, 110% financing, and a few where only 10% cash down payment was required. Just imagine how this one process can propel you to success and change your life.

Look What Others Are Saying:

In the three weeks since Shanna and I attended Dr. Lowry’s seminar, we closed on our first rental property and are in the process of closing on a duplex and another house. Our positive cash flow from these three deals alone should exceed $1750 per month while the relatively minor repairs we made will have increased the value of the properties by a total of $90,000.”

~ W. S. Mueller

I’ve made millions using the investment principles that Dr. Lowry teaches. I made over $100,000 extra profit on one house alone. Also, my wife, son, and daughter took his training and we’re all financially independent. We’ll never have to work for anyone else again.”

~ Reggie Brooks

Dr. Lowry started me on a whole new path of discovery. As a result of Dr. Lowry’s teachings, I have purchased a total of over 1000 properties across Canada. Thanks, Al!”

~ Raymond Aaron

“After hearing your outstanding material, we tied up a 4plex property under contract the next day after the event. Using friends and family contacts, we were surprised how easy it was to assign the property for fee of $5000 the day AFTER that! We actually achieved infinite returns since we hadn’t even given the deposit check. The ‘to be’ buyer fronted all the deposit costs!!”

~ Shamim Rajan

“You can’t afford not to go! Everyone can benefit from his training. There is so much information that you probably will not learn anywhere else that can help you learn legally not to not pay taxes on income, thus maximizing your income. You can’t go wrong! Taught by an incredibly knowledgeable man who’s been there, done that, an excellent teacher. I would definitely go again, it was well worth it.”

~ Mary Sides

You Can Become a Real Estate “Super Investor”

Put A Deal Together Starting from Scratch – Learn Step-by-Step how you too can start living your life with FINANCIAL FREEDOM. We start with the basics of property finding. This is a major eye opener!! Most could never imagine so many great methods of finding the best deals. Then we take you into the advanced techniques of property finding that only seasoned professionals know about. You will be using these methods right from the start to buy and hold or sell SUPER BARGAINS. Next, you will learn exactly how much to offer for a property so you know you have a bargain. This makes you a professional. A true bargain hunter!!

Find Real Estate Deals Loaded With Profits – This special training is designed to HELP YOU PROFIT in good times or bad! We focus on giving you the knowledge and the ability to buy property the right way, do quick repairs and then sell them for BIG profits! You will learn this through detailed instructions.

Spend The Least Amount of Money And Get The Biggest Profits! – You will learn how to sell a deal using proven methods to get the highest price for your house. This is where knowing how to get the most for the home and how to save on closing costs will add up to thousands of extra dollars to buy cars, vacations, homes and education for you and your family. Remember, once you know how to sell properties correctly, the way the pros do, you have a way of making big money that will give you Financial Freedom!

You’ll Finally Learn How to Have Complete Control of Your Time, Your Income, Your Dreams, and Your Future!

Become a real estate “Super Achiever”, establishing an incredible Home-Based Business. Benefit from the numerous government loans and grants that are available that are just waiting for you to tap into. Learn how to acquire real estate and personal property for just pennies on the dollar, with none of your own money. You can retire to a worry–free lifestyle…

3 Amazing Bonuses — Just for YOU!

We’ve put together some very special BONUSES for you that you will get when you attend the entire event, and we are giving away thousands of dollars in prizes:

Bonus 1: From The “Educational Success Series”, a 15 part automatic subscription to special reports that will give you tips and tricks to maximize profits in any market.

Bonus 2: Prize Drawing of “Cabo San Lucas Vacations” for 2. We are giving away several of these vacation prizes throughout the entire weekend. There is an excellent chance you may be one of the winners!

Bonus 3: A Grand Prize Draw Worth $THOUSAND$! Travel the world with over 3000 destinations to choose from!! Maybe you’ll be the lucky winner!! So please come and let us teach you how to become a true Real Estate Entrepreneur. This special event happens only once a year in this area, and it is always sold out.

Remember, you must pre-register to reserve your seat in the class. Our regular tuition is $2,900.00.

However, because of your affiliation with REALTY411, and/or Linda Pliagas, at this special event YOU AND YOUR SPOUSE OR PARTNER CAN COME FOR FREE! WOW!

Take advantage of this “Once in a Lifetime” opportunity to be taught by the legendary Dr. Albert Lowry for a pittance. You might never have this opportunity again.

Ideally located amidst the picturesque setting of the Marina Del Rey Harbor and Marina Beach, the Hilton Garden Inn Los Angeles Marina Del Rey hotel is only 6.5 miles north of LAX and is within easy reach of a vibrant range of local attractions including Venice Beach Boardwalk and Downtown Los Angeles. This stylish Los Angeles hotel also offers easy access to several universities and businesses, making it perfect for both business and leisure travelers

January 18th, 19th and 20th, 2019

Friday, Saturday & Sunday | 9 am to 5 pm

Hilton Garden Inn

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Marina Del Rey, Ca.

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