By Sharon Vornholt

A lot of people would rather have a root canal than actually have a professional photoshoot, but it is one of the top reasons your brand isn’t a thing (yet).  It’s time to schedule that professional photoshoot.

Remember that your brand is the way people feel about you. Pictures tell a story.

Good or bad, they tell a story.  Pictures are one of the most powerful things of all when it comes to telling your story and building your brand. People get to experience how it would feel to work with you through those images.

Before someone makes the decision to work with you, they first want to get to know you.  Great photos on your website and other marketing materials give these folks some insight into who you are. They also help set you apart from your competition.

Quality branding photos are essential for building your brand and the market perception that you are the authority in your marketplace. Perception is almost 100% responsible for how people view you, and it’s up to you to create your brand and that perception.

Remember that your brand is the way people feel about you.

Be Authentic When Creating your Brand

Pictures should always be authentic and show the real you when it comes your brand.  You’ve heard the saying, “You need to be yourself; everyone else is already taken”.

Here’s an example.

Let’s imagine for just a minute you are a laid back, jeans and boots type of guy (or gal).  You might put a jacket on for a meeting or event, but your “MO” is casual 100% of the time. You might put your “dress boots” on for the Christmas party, but that’s about as dressed up as you’re going to get.  Let’s call this person Jordan.

Jordan always shows up as this laid back, casual, very approachable person.  Imagine if Jordan suddenly shows with branding photographs in a suit and tie (or suit and heels). Can you imagine the reaction of everyone that sees those photographs?

They would be saying, “Who the heck is that”?

So just be yourself in all of your branding efforts.

Why Hire a Pro?

This one is easy.  Because you’ll look so much better than if you try to do it yourself.

You’re not just hiring someone with a better camera, but you’re hiring someone that can make you look awesome.  A good branding photographer also has the ability to take your version of you and mold it into something that speaks to your brand.  They will edit and retouch your photos and in most cases, they will be able to shoot you so your flaws are less obvious.  (We all worry about our flaws don’t we?)

Your New Look

Once you have your new photos, it time for a “makeover” of all your sites.  Add your new photos to your website and your social media sites as well as any marketing materials. When done properly, these new branding photo’s will help show people what it feels like to work with you.

Great branding photos will help you be seen.  

Here are Some Tips for the Photoshoot

Wear clothes that you feel comfortable in. This is really important.  You just can’t be relaxed for your photoshoot if you’re wearing something that doesn’t feel good.

Wear solid colors.  Black works well on the bottom. They style of your clothes should your brand personality.

You might want to use an interesting backdrop.  I love brick walls. (Go figure)

This one is for the gals.  Always show up in “daytime” hair and make-up.   (Think back to those old glamour shots). Yuck! No one really looks like that.

Do you have a prop that would make people say “Yes, that’s him or her”?

Think coffee cup, wine glass, golf club, or maybe your signature book.

What about your dog you talk about all the time on social media and always take with you?  Grab a shot with your pooch.

You get the idea.  Props are great for building a solid brand when they are part of who you are.  The most important thing is just to get it done.