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Did you miss our last virtual real estate investor expo held this past Saturday and Sunday, July 25th and 26th, 2020?

No worries, we have you covered. Our last entire weekend expo is available now on our YouTube channel. Be sure to visit today to learn from some of the top leaders in the industry.

Now is the time to invest quality time in your real estate knowledge. Learn today compliments of our sponsors.

On this live, non-stop online real estate expo some of the nation’s top leaders of creative real estate investing are in revealing their secrets of success to impact as many lives as possible through the Realty411 network.

Here are the fantastic educators who joined us Realty411’s event:

  • Matt Bowles, Maverick Investor Group
  • Dave Seymour, From A&E’s Flipping Boston
  • Ross Hamilton, Connected Investors
  • Seth Gershberg, REI Blade
  • Dave Lindahl,
  • Rusty Tweed, TFS Properties
  • Hannah Kesler, The Money Multiplier
  • Kaaren Hall, uDirect IRA Services
  • Travis Abbott, Invest 1 Properties
  • Dave Grimm, End 2 End Results
  • Jason Jones, Expert Wealth Builder
  • Gabriel Hink, The Hotel Veteran
  • Hugh Zaretsky, eFramily Ohana
  • Linda Pliagas, Realty411 & REI Wealth
  • Paul Finck, The Maverick Millionaire
  • Jeremy Rubin, The Friendly Flipper
  • PLUS: Fantastic prizes will be raffled off to the best students!!!

Prior to the pandemic, the California-based media company had produced as many as 10 live expos per year, consecutively for 13 years., the only complimentary real estate trade show left in the REI industry, has now hosted in-person events in 12 states, meeting thousands of their readers in person. We hope you enjoy our video.


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