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Dear Serious Real Estate Investor;

As the market changes from a SELLERS’ market to a BUYERS’ market, there are a few strategies that are going to CRUSH it.

The easiest and fastest one to implement?


This is where John Jackson comes in.

In case you are not familiar with who John Jackson is, John is considered the nation’s TOP educator when it comes to the subject of Lease Options.

So why am I introducing you to John?

Because the market is CHANGING and it is quickly becoming a BUYER’S market, and what is the BEST and most SIMPLE strategy in a buyer’s market?


You see, the post pandemic market is about to make a dramatic shift over the next several months and possibly years.

Will it be as bad as 2008?

I don’t know for certain. Nobody does.

But as things unfold there will be a LOT of uncertainty and sellers needing help. Because of this I wanted to introduce you to John who is a good friend of mine and is THE go-to guy in uncertain or down markets.

You’ve probably heard me mention John before as we’ve known each other a number of years.

John is often called the “King of Lease Options” and with good reason. He has specialized in lease options since 2003, and has even taught a number of the nation’s top educators.

Let’s just say this. He is THE guy that even the top educators call when they have a question or often times send their students to.

I guess you could almost call him the “Yoda of Lease Options”!

You see, the real estate world is just STARTING to see challenges and in the coming months it will be progressively harder and harder for sellers to sell, and lease options are the BEST strategy in a market like this.

Lease options THRIVE in a down market and the market we are going to see could be similar to 2008, and there is no greater educator on lease options than John.

Sellers will be more and more desperate for a Plan B and lease options are the PERFECT Plan B, BUT, you have to know how to structure them properly for a Win-Win-Win transaction.

Now, because John Jackson is extremely sought after right now given the market, and this is such TIME SENSITIVE training, you will NOT want to miss this virtual event.

Let me be VERY clear on a few things so that you understand EXACTLY how important this training is:

  • John has offered to do a LIVE virtual training.
    This is LIVE, not pre-recorded.
  • Because of this, John will only be doing ONE training,
    this Thursday July 2nd at 3 PM CENTRAL
  • He will be taking questions on the call.
  • He is THE Texas lease options expert as well,
    so if you are from Texas, he is your guy.
  • The platform only holds 100 REGISTRANTS! PERIOD!
  • Using the lease option strategies he will be teaching, you can
    easily make $10,000 on houses with no equity WHILE helping sellers.
  • Nobody else offers this training but John Jackson
  • The platform only holds 100 REGISTRANTS. Period.

I will be e-mailing you a number of e-mails with the opportunity to register over the next few days, but let’s be honest here.

John is one of the most sought after educators in real estate right now, and what he will be sharing on this training is VITAL to help sellers and buyers in the coming post-pandemic market.

So, if you wait to register, you risk NOT getting a spot at the table. And in case you are wondering, this e-mail just went out to over 72,000 people. Yes, that’s right, 72,000 people, but only 100 will even have a chance.

Are you going to be one of them?

When: Thursday July 2nd, 3:00 PM CENTRAL.


To your success,
Linda Pliagas
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