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By Fuquan Bilal

We could soon be in a new era of zero interest rates. What will it mean for investors, the markets and you?

Could We Have Negative Interest Rates?

The president has been pushing for lower interest rates. We could even potentially see zero rates and even negative interest rates. The fed already recently cut key rates, and more reductions could come in 2020. This may sound crazy at first, but it has been done around the globe at various times and has worked.

While everyone enjoyed pointing fingers at different parties in the wake of 2008, one of the biggest factors that actually caused the crash was rising interest rates. If they get it right this time, lowering rates could help the economy remain afloat and avoid falling into the abyss again.

The Impact

The most widespread outcome of this is it costing people to have money in the bank. It probably already does when you add up all the fees and charges. Yet, when banks start charging every interest for having money on deposit, there is going to be a massive need to find somewhere else to park money and invest it. Real estate is of course a nice solid alternative. Cutting out the banks as the middleman and directly investing in mortgage notes and funds can also be a smart way to turn those losses into net gains.

Negative interest rates also mean it will cost banks and lenders to make loans. The negative interest is applied to paying down your outstanding balance each month. There are other ways lenders can make up for this money, but clearly they will be pickier about who they loan to.

Perhaps most significantly for investors, a new period of mortgage originations with near zero or negative rates means soaring appeal and demand for older higher rate notes, including nonperforming and re-perfoming loan notes. 8% and even 4% notes will become far more valuable.

Those who acquire those assets early stand to win big as this unfolds.

Investment Opportunities

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Fuquan Bilal

Fuquan Bilal founded NNG in 2012 with the principal mission of capitalizing on the growing supply of mortgage notes in the interbank marketplace. Mr .Bilal utilizes his 17 years of residential and commercial real estate success to identify real estate opportunities and capitalize on them. To date, he has successfully managed three private mortgage note funds that primarily invest in singlefamily performing and non­performing mortgage notes. His financial acumen and proprietary set of investment criteria enable him to purchase underperforming real estate assets at a deep discount of face and market values, thereby increasing the value of the assets. This, coupled with his ability to maximize the use of leverage, enables him to build strong, secured portfolios with solid passive income flows.