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By Larry Goins

BRAG is all about investing in real estate to Be Rich And Generous! In his new book author and BRAG radio show host Larry Goins breaks down how you do that by buying HUD homes at 50% discounts.

He has shared the stage with experts including; Suze Orman, Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, and Tony Robbins. In the forward that New York Times bestselling author Michael Gerber wrote for Larry Goins’ book he likened his entrepreneurial genius to that of Michael Dell, Ray Kroc, and Bill Gates. Now, following the great success of ‘Getting Started in Real Estate Day Trading’ Larry has launched a new book – ‘HUD Homes Half Off’. Keep reading and we’ll tell you how Realty411 readers can get their hands on a FREE copy.

Who is Larry?

Larry Goins in a visionary, educator, and an active real estate investor. He has been in the industry for over 30 years. He has hands on experience on the frontlines of just about every facet of real estate; from commercial properties, to development, financing, and residential investment.

More importantly, Larry’s organization is one of the few which isn’t afraid to lead by its values, and to put principles and people before profits. The firm is active in giving, volunteering, launching new nonprofits, and empowering a new generation of social entrepreneurs. If this resonates with you, then you won’t want to miss the weekly BRAG radio show on WBT or iHeart Radio where you’ll hear more about using real estate to become rich and generous.

Today you’ll find Larry is perhaps best known as one of the biggest buyers of HUD homes in the Carolinas. Over the last three years his team has been active in at least 12 states, with students and apprentices flying in from as far away as Australia and Sweden.

‘Filthy Riches’

Goins coined the term “filthy riches” to apply to making great money from distressed properties In fact, he says his system can enable investors to make more money from dirt cheap homes than others make flipping higher end properties.

HUD homes are a big focus of this. Larry says “you can still make great money on HUD homes today,” and that “there are plenty of HUD homes for investors, at discounts.”

In his new book he shows how to make as many as 7 offers per minute, and reveals both the best time of day, and best days to make winning bids on HUD auctions. Yet, Larry says there are two things he doesn’t like in real estate; “renters and rehabs.” So how does he turn these deals into cash?

In an exclusive interview the author told Realty411 that there are options for both active and passive real estate investors. Those strategies may include ‘day trading’ real estate, acquiring notes, or private lending. You’ll want to check out more about this and the specific examples given at

What’s Unique?

Larry was the first to admit “anyone can teach you how to invest in real estate, or to flip houses.” However, there are clearly some differences in this method and firm than others.

In his own words Goins describes where he sees the uniqueness as:

  1. Being approachable and accessible, always
  2. Doing what we teach
  3. A commitment to helping you achieve your definition of success

This company has an open invite to its offices near Charlotte, NC, which is certainly unique. Larry’s team is still investing daily and offers a variety of ways to participate in those deals. Though what is really cool is the attention to aiding investors in honing in on their why, and getting them setup to achieve it. For most investors the first why that comes to mind may be the money. Larry says it’s highly unlikely you’ll be laying on your death bed wishing you had done just one more flip. He says your only job security may be your ability to make money, but he is passionate about getting you on the fast track to get the money challenges out of the way, so then you can work on your passions and purpose. After all; what are you going to work on after you are at the level where you are making $10,000 a month or are wholesaling 10 deals a month. “What are you going to do with your blessings?” For some of his protégés it has been a mission to giveaway a million bibles, or to go build houses in Kenya.

Larry Goins certainly continues to be generous with his gifts. Some might prefer to keep these types of wealth building secrets to themselves. Not Larry. He publishes and broadcasts them. When it comes to his model for investing you’ll also find him investing in neighborhoods and offering seller financing in small town USA. Places where people have community values, where families are born and raised and want to raise their own families.

Get the Book

Whether you are looking for cash now, or cash flow for the long term you’ll enjoy checking out where you can grab a free copy of the book HUD Homes Half Off for yourself, or for someone you care about.