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Turnkey investment opportunities in Ohio!
Freedom Real Estate Group specializes in providing turnkey investment opportunities for their clients all over the United States. With almost a decade of experience in buying, selling, rehabs, brokerage services, property management and more. Freedom Real Estate Group was built to help other people who like us, have the desire to achieve true freedom through real estate.

So… the big question. Why Ohio? Versus other markets in Texas or California, Dayton and Cincinnati, Ohio, offer some of the best entry investments with fantastic cap rates. For example, in Dayton, Ohio, you can get a 3 bedroom property, already tenated, between $65,000 – $90,000, with a cap rate of 8-12%. Try getting that kind of investment in almost any other major city.

Plus, Dayton and Cincinnati are both small-big cities. What do we mean? Well, they’re not Chicago or Miami, but they have plenty to offer that sets them above the average city. Directly between Cincinnati and Dayton, an Amazon fulfillment center is being built in 2018 with one already located within 14 miles of downtown Cincinnati. Dayton is home to Wright Patterson Air Force Base; the largest, single-site employer in all of Ohio. With a 60/40, home owner to renter ratio on average, these markets support great growth in the rental sector which means long-term income for turnkey investors.

If you’re looking for a great investment with awesome returns, Ohio is the answer. If you’re looking to drop tons of cash with little return, we’re likely not the place for you.

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