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In this entertaining and insightful new Realty411 video episode, Jeremy Rubin, aka The Friendly Flipper, interviews Brandon Cobb, co-founder of The House Buyin’ Guys.

This informative 30-minute feature spotlights a California central coast rehabber interviewing a fellow real estate investor in America’s heartland: Nashville, Tennessee.

While these two real estate markets are in completely different parts of the country, they do share several commonalities: a recent and comparable appreciation, an influx of new home buyers into suburban markets, plus the impact of California residents migrating outside of the state.

The most striking resemblance is that both markets have experienced a similarly high appreciation of nearly 30% since the pandemic disrupted our national economy.

Watch and listen to this informative and enlightening episode.

Also, be sure to read about Brandon’s rise in real estate at REI Wealth magazine (​).

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