Dream house

By Dana Bersch

There’s a whole buffet of real estate deals out there. With powerful unsecured credit lines from Stonebridge Capital Group you can cherry pick the deals you want on­ demand.

At Stonebridge Capital, we don’t believe you need a winning lottery ticket to realize your financial dreams. There is a constantly moving “good luck conveyor belt” in front of today’s business owners, entrepreneurs, and real estate investors.

The catch is that “you need the money to take advantage of those opportunities, and good deals simply won’t wait for you to find the money.”

The Biggest Problem You Face Today

The most pressing issue on the current landscape isn’t a lack of deals, buyers, or renters, “the biggest problem facing business owners today is a lack of access to capital.”

The data shows that most businesses fail because they just run short of cash flow. They can no longer pay the bills, push out great marketing, or seize on the best opportunities. Some fail because they don’t appreciate their need for funding, or how much they need.

Others are stuck with rigid funding sources and arrangements that don’t serve them well, or simply haven’t found an attractive source of financing. Ultimately the main source of failure is all about the money.

We are constantly reminding all real estate investors and entrepreneurs that they are in business. “Flipping houses is a business.” So is acquiring and operating rentals, wholesaling, and note investing, and so on.

I know the challenges these entrepreneurs face well. As a business owner for more than 30 years, I understand the pitfalls small businesses have in having access to capital, which is critical for their success.

Before I started Stonebridge Capital in 2006, I was involved in several industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, restaurants, real estate, oil and gas investments, and entertainment.

Over the last decade, the Stonebridge team has been working with hundreds of entrepreneurs, investors, and business owners to help them recognize their need for additional capital, position themselves to obtain the best funding, and get generous lines of credit.





The Unsecured Credit Line Advantage

Stonebridge Capital specializes in providing business and personal lines of credit from $25k to $250k. We also have access to bank term loans, which can add to the amount of funding.

This credit is working capital that real estate investors, entrepreneurs, and business owners can use for just about anything they need. That means acquiring new properties, down payments, paying down highinterest debt, rehab work, marketing, filling the gaps when tenants are late on rent, etc.

Credit lines offer a huge advantage to real estate professionals. You only pay on the money you are actively using, it helps you qualify for the mortgage or hard money loan, covers expenses while you are involved in your rehab, and once you cash out on deals and pay it down, the money is right there to use again, without all the application and appraisal hassles and expenses.

We receive a sizable portion of our business from referrals from mortgage brokers and hard money lenders for clients who need to increase their down payment to qualify for their loan and to bridge the funding gap from what they provide too.

Additionally using an unsecured line of credit means no liens on your properties, and never diluting your business ownership or giving up control as with equity fundraising.

Features to Love:

• Funding in just 10 to 21 days

• 24 hour pre-approval

• No application fee

• 0% interest for up to 24 months

• Stated income

• New startups OK

• 680+ FICO score

• Free guidance on maintaining, optimizing, and growing your credit

Don’t Prejudge Your Credit

If an extra $250,000 could help your business (and you can bet it can), “don’t prejudge your credit.” There are no application fees, and you can find out how much of a line you can get within 24 hours.

Check it out and get pre­approved online at or call 480.626.1772.