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4th Annual Los Angeles Real Estate Grand Expo

We are very excited to announce our 4th Annual Los Angeles Real Estate Grand Expo. The Grand Expo returns on Saturday, October 21, 2023, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. We’re taking over the entire Iman Cultural Center for the day – it’s all ours! The North Hall (vendor exhibition area), the South Hall (workshops), and the middle parking lot (loaded with workshop tents and food trucks). The theme of this year’s Grand Expo will be “Hedge Inflation – Buy Real Estate”.

Last year, the Grand Expo was the largest real estate event in Southern California. We had over 800 investors, 64 vendors, and 12 national speakers…this year will be even BIGGER! An entire day celebrating real estate investing and you can be involved. Best of all, the Grand Expo will be FREE to attend. This Expo is going to be big, really BIG!

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SPEAKERS. There will be national guest speakers (in three breakout rooms). Here is a partial list of our top educators:

1. Jonah Dew – “The Money Multiplier”
2. Eddie Speed – “Buying Discounted notes”
3. Rusty Tweed – “1031 Tax-Deferred Exchanges”
4. Joe Arias – “How to Get Started Investing”
5. Christopher Meza – “Developing Raw Land”
6. Tony Watson – “Tax Advantages for R.E. Investors”
7. Dani & Flip Robison – “Fixing & Flipping Houses”
8. Abbas Mohammed – “Investing in Multi-Residential Properties”
9. Marco Kozlowski – “How to Buy Lots and Lots of Houses”
10. Amanda Brown – “Invest in Commercial Real Estate”
11. Shawn Tiberio – “Marketing for Real Estate Investors”
12. Joseph Scorese – “How to Finance Your Next Deal”
13. Jeremy Rubin – “From Corporate Employee to $100M in Flips”
14. Steve Price (Keynote) – VP at

INVESTMENT EDUCATION. An all-day in-depth educational extravaganza celebrating real estate investing. Most importantly, this will NOT be a sales pitch. So regardless of whether you are a new investor, already own properties, or are very experienced, our Grand Expo is for you!


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