Houston, Texas. – Portfolio Decisions –– a consulting and software company that enables businesses worldwide to improve their strategic planning and decision making – has announced the release of software program PERSPECTIVES™ Version 10.1. The company is simultaneously introducing IVY™ (powered by Tibco Spotfire), a new interactive visualization extension.

The company’s flagship product, PERSPECTIVES, is an advanced analytics platform for modeling the complex interaction among existing assets and future investment opportunities in the light of a number of potentially conflicting targets and goals. The resultant analysis can be used both to develop strategy and align decisions, either on its own or as a powerful complement to corporate performance management systems. The tool facilitates business scenario development based upon a company’s existing financial models and data.  It assists users in forecasting scenario performance and risk to help align decisions with strategy.

Version 10.1 will process larger scale scenarios and numbers of uncertainty trials than ever before. Solution speeds have been enhanced. The optional extension IVY augments scenarios generated by PERSPECTIVES, creating interactive visual representations of the forecasts, including their operational and financial dimensions. IVY allows for both deep dives into input data and simultaneous comparisons among scenarios and portfolios in a highly interactive manner.

PERSPECTIVES has been used successfully in the oil and gas industry for over 17 years. “Oil and gas companies have used the software to combine economic and operational data on company assets and potential business opportunities in order to compare investment options and guide decision making. For example, they can compare the tradeoffs of acquiring a company to the benefits of organic growth,” explains Lillian Warren, Chief Operating Officer at Portfolio Decisions.

The enhancements to PERSPECTIVES will allow planners to evaluate and manage the risk and uncertainty of investment options more quickly than ever before.  IVY will simplify comparing investment scenarios at the planning and the executive level.  According to John Howell, President, “The application of advanced analytics such as optimization, Monte Carlo simulation, and interactive visualization results in the development of scenarios that meet corporate goals, reduce real world uncertainties and lead to better corporate performance.”

Improved decision-making and capital allocation strategies are needed across all industries. According to Howell, “Executives who are responsible for weighing various choices and making decisions on how to allocate company resources know that comparing many dissimilar options is a daunting task. For large companies, simply tracking and managing existing asset performance is a challenge.” Howell continued, “Add in external opportunities and risks, along with cross-functional impacts and strategic tradeoffs, and the situation becomes even more complex.”

PERSPECTIVES 10.1 is a highly customizable platform, making it applicable across a diverse range of industries. Oil and gas companies use it to blend high risk, long-term high profit assets with short-term, low risk, low profit investments.  Pharmaceutical companies can use it to allocate R&D budgets and funding for commercial development across therapeutic areas.  Manufacturing companies can use PERSPECTIVES to evaluate the relative value and importance of competing capital projects.

To find out more information about Portfolio Decisions’ PERSPECTIVES Version 10.1 or the IVY extension, please contact us at [email protected] or at 713-520-6555.


About Portfolio Decisions

Portfolio Decisions facilitates strategic planning through proprietary, state-of-the-art software as well as executive-level consulting and guidance. It helps companies improve their decision-making capacity by balancing near- and far-term goals and offering uncertainty-based and time-coupled strategic planning and portfolio analysis.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Portfolio Decisions works with businesses worldwide to provide analysis, communication and data flow management expertise, as well as training and experience helping executives draw actionable insights from advanced analytics.

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