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We hope you are enjoying your journey in real estate. While Realty411 is well-known for helping new real estate investors begin their portfolios, our next New Webinar is designed for those ready to catapult to the next level.

Our new PRIVATE CAPITAL Webinar and Bonus Book Special are designed to help sophisticated investors scale their real estate business to a whole new level.

It’s time to finally overcome the BIGGEST challenge most real estate entrepreneurs have, which is attracting money to your deals.

Join us next Thursday, September 2nd at 12 pm PST (2 pm CST) as we host real estate entrepreneur and capital expert Brad Blazar. Why should yo attend? Well, Mr. Brad Blazar is someone who has personally raised $2 Billion Dollars through his efforts and the efforts of teams he’s led.

As a real estate investor, Brad will discuss how to attract, raise and close HNW investors in addition to providing tips on how to build trust which is so important in the process.

Register today and receive a digital copy of Brad’s third and newest book – Winning at the Capital Game in addition to his pdf guide Securing an Investment. This is special session you won’t want to miss!

Don’t miss this important webinar, which will take you to the next level of success. Guests will also receive a free download. Register now and learn how to raise billions in private capital. Virtual seating is limited, thank you.


Formerly the CEO of a small oil company, Brad Blazar is a highly sought after speaker on the subject of raising capital. Having raised in excess of $2 Billion Dollars.

Today, he mentors others around the world as part of a global coaching business on how to raise funds from high net worth investors to build, buy, and scale a business – or fund a special project like real estate. Brad has worked alongside many large real estate syndicators, he is viewed as an industry expert and has provided testimony in multiple arbitrations. 

Additionally, he has closed the largest mega-million dollar transactions for multiple leading real-estate companies – $9M, $7.5M, $5M for SmartStop Self Storage and national operator of self storage assets in addition to $11M for USAllianz. As a real estate investor himself, he has purchased, rehabbed and renovated over a dozen single family properties (SFR) properties with a portfolio value of $3.5M. Today, he owns interests in multifamily, self storage and land (conservation easements) in addition to owning 5 Star Capital, which is a real estate investment firm.

As the author of three books, his first book On The Wings of Eagles – Learn to Soar in Life quickly became a top rated #1 read for entrepreneurs on a large literary blog based in the UK. Additionally, Brad hosts a podcast called Beast Nation which was ranked recently as the 2nd highest ranked show to assist people in coping with COVID-19.