By Fuquan Bilal

This investment could be exactly what today’s serious financial advisors need to stand out and secure their own financial futures and positions in the industry.

For too long many wealth advisors and finance brokers have had a very limited offering for their clients. It has been very vanilla, with very little to help them differentiate their offerings from thousands of competitors. Personal relationships and service used to be prized and valued. Yet, technology has eroded the appeal of that in exchange for quick online fixes. Bitcoin and a slew of new ICOs and cryptocurrencies have given something exciting and new to make noise about. Yet, they are hardly believed to be a stable investment.

NNG Capital Fund is a new type of hybrid fund, that offers the security and reliability of sold real estate collateral, higher returns, passive income payouts, and is future-proofed with focused but diversified holdings within one fund.

With bonds unable to perform well enough and stocks teetering on the edge of a new abyss, this could be exactly what individual investors and their advisers need. It offers the yields, income, and safety combination we all want.

When other asset classes go south, there will only be a few advisors that stand out, having already helped put their clients’ capital into investments like this. They’ll be among the very few who make it through the next dip.

This helps advisors by keeping more money under management, which keeps their figures up, and makes them one of the very few whom clients are pleased with, referring all their friends to them for years to come.

It is a great way to build and win long term loyalty, as well as becoming a legacy partner who may help generation after generation of families who are building wealth. There may certainly be big financial rewards from that. Yet, the personal rewards of that, may be even far greater.

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