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Realty411, the only California-based real estate investment magazine serving the needs of personal investors around the nation, released two new issues totaling over 240 pages of top resources. In addition to printing two new magazines featuring some of the most renowned investors in the nation, Realty411 is preparing to host numerous events virtually and in-person across the country.

The complimentary events will provide a platform for their faithful readers to reach the experts directly via either virtual chat or live at one of the upcoming scheduled in-person events.

To learn more about Realty411’s interactive events, please view the “Events” section on this website or visit directly. In the meantime, discover our new issues below.

Sophisticated investors are always thinking ahead. One of the most important aspects of ensuring a successful business continues is Legacy Planning. To provide valuable tips and information on how to do just that, we reached out to Gene Guarino, founder of RAL Academy (Residential Assisted Living Academy), one of the most influential family-owned businesses in the REI industry. Be sure to read Gene’s suggestions to ensure that the company you’ve worked hard to build continues for generations to come, CLICK HERE.

Don’t miss the latest issue of REI Wealth magazine. Our new digital-friendly edition is packed with fantastic articles filled with strategies, techniques, and insight. This latest issue spotlights some of the dynamic ladies who have participated in our virtual conferences. Also inside are amazing resources for investors of all levels. Enjoy our latest issue, CLICK HERE.