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By Stephanie Mojica

While people moved less in 2022 than they did in previous years, plenty of people still sought warmer weather or lower costs of living, according to

On the first business day of 2023, Atlas Van Lines, U-Haul, and United Van Lines each released reports on the states people moved to most often in 2022. Smaller, cheaper towns in the Northeast and warmer Southern cities were both popular.


All three moving companies reported that Illinois and New York were popular destinations, especially if the town was within several hours of a major city. Lower housing prices and lots of activities were also major selling points.

Florida, North Carolina, and South Carolina were also popular states for relocation — especially for retirees from chilly Northeastern states. However, some retirees still moved to the Northeast in 2022. More than 50 percent of United Van Lines’ customers during 2022 were aged 55 and older. Similar data for Atlas Van Lines and U-Haul was not reported by

Remote workers moved to both the Northeast and the South last year, though not as frequently as they did in 2020 and 2021.


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